Highly effective cleaner for removing multi-layer polymers and waxes on alkali and water-resistant hard floor coverings
Properties: Highly effective cleaner for removing multi-layer polymers and waxes. Low-foaming formula is suitable for machines. Also removes dirt of all kinds and removes oil and grease deposits without harming the floor. high-alkaline problem solver very high film-removal power pleasant scent fast network ability suitable for use in cleaning machines low risk of slipping Suitability: High-alkaline deep cleaner for deep-cleaning alkaline- and water-resistant hard flooring such as PVC, stone (unpolished), clinker and clay tiles. Dissolves stubborn dirt and residue from excessive previous floor coating. not suitable for alkali-sensitive floor coverings such as linoleum, rubber, unsealed wood, cork or limestone such as marble and terrazzo.
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CAN1 canister
Unit1x10 Liter

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