Dissolves all water-soluble coatings, encrustations, care product residues and soiling on almost all water-resistant and alkali-sensitive floor coverings. removes all water-soluble, metal crosslinked and metal salt free coatings quick effectiveness and residue-free removal
DESCRIPTION Properties: High-performance deep cleaner quickly and effectively dissolves all water-soluble coatings, encrustations, care product residues, and dirt. Even old care product films that have been compacted with high-speed machines are easily removed. removes all water-soluble metal cross-linked and metal salt free coatings and care product films works quickly and removes water-soluble coatings without leaving any residue time-saving and powerful thanks to special solubility promoters Suitability: Suitable for deep cleaning almost all water-based and alkaline-sensitive floor coverings including linoleum, rubber, PVC, ceramic, artificial stone, and natural stone. not suitable for asphalt or bitumen floor coverings. Always use cold water. Do not mix with other cleaners.
Product Details

Data sheet

CAN1 canister
Unit1x10 Liter

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Quadra Bond